Thailand TEFL Academy Staff

Kiersta Halseth - TEFL Director of Studies


Kiersta is the Thailand TEFL Academy’s Director of Studies, marketing guru, community relations strategist, and overall jokester. Kiersta graduated with a degree in Marketing & Public Relations from the University of Florida in 2004. Her extensive marketing career has taken her across the United States where she most recently worked as the Assistant Director of Marketing for a large multi-million dollar foodservice company prior to leaving the corporate world behind for a career teaching English abroad. Kiersta fell in love with teaching English during her own TEFL certification course. Upon her gradation with distinction, she went on to teach at numerous government, temple and private schools prior to securing a TEFL training position. Throughout her role as a TEFL trainer, Kiersta has assisted countless individuals in attaining their dreams as a certified English teacher abroad. She is a published author who prides herself in living her best life and urges others to chase their dreams, as anything is attainable with hard work, dedication and belief in one’s self.

Jeremy Lees - ISS Founder & Headmaster


Jeremy is the Headmaster of the International School of Samui (ISS) and Chairman of the School's Executive Board. Jeremy founded ISS in 2007, and under his leadership the school has grown to become an internationally renowned British International school with over 35 different student nationalities.  Jeremy is a UK-qualified teacher and University of St Andrews graduate (BSc Hons in Laser Physics & Optoelectronics). He also spent a substantial amount of time serving his country as a British Army Officer and combat helicopter pilot. Jeremy is thrilled to be an integral part of the Thailand TEFL Academy’s success, and if you see him around campus be sure to say hello. 

Victoria Lees - ISS Study Centre Director

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Victoria is the ISS Study Centre Director & a member of the School's Executive Board.  She is a proud graduate of the prestigious St Andrews University with a degree in Modern Foreign Languages. During her time in London, Victoria worked for 10 years at P&O Events and then Decathlon where her linguistic skills came in very handy as part of a team tasked with opening the first three stores in the UK. A supportive wife and mother of five, Victoria has devoted much of her latter life to supporting her husband’s endeavor to develop one of the most successful international schools in Thailand – the International School of Samui (ISS). She now works as the Director of Admissions and Marketing at ISS. Victoria is very excited about leading the ISS Study Centre where the Thailand TEFL Academy is based and creating, along with her excellent team, a world-class learning environment.

Stephen Andrews - CFOO

Thailand TEFL Academy CFOO Stephen Andrews

Stephen is the Thailand TEFL Academy’s Chief Finance and Operations Officer and a member of the School's Executive Board. Stephen’s interest in education is deeply-rooted having over 20 years of senior management experience in leading and managing international schools and universities. Stephen is also a very experienced management consultant having his own managing consultancy business for over 10 years. Stephen has lived and worked in Thailand for the last 11 years, so he carries a depth of knowledge of living and working in Asia.

Khun Wannee - Licensee Representative

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Khun Wannee is the Licensee Representative for the company that operates the International School of Samui. She is dedicated to ensuring the school is up-to-date on our accreditation and licenses required to operate a TEFL Teacher Training Academy at the ISS Study Centre.  She is a member of the School's Executive Board and academy staff.

Khun Foo - Account Manager

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Khun Foo is the Thailand TEFL Academy's Account Manager assisting our students and staff members with our daily activities. 

Kroo Orm - Operations Manager

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Kro Orm is the Thailand TEFL Academy's Operations Manager. You will be sure to see her around campus ensuring the effective daily operations of the academy.