1) Make money to fund your travels

 Teaching English abroad is reasonably well paid in most countries, and some Asian and Arab countries pay excellent teaching rates. Good English teachers earn enough to live well in the local culture and make trips on their days off to explore neighboring areas.

2) Enhance your Resume or CV

  Your future employer will love your CV if you can demonstrate culture awareness and experience traveling the world. Your willingness to leave your hometown and country and work abroad is a big plus in any job interview. Prospective employers will know you have dealt with culture shock and that you’ll be able to use the experiences you’ve gained in your new job.

3) Make a difference

  Many of your students will see English as a means to improve their lives – to get a new or better job, to travel, to get to know new cultures, to meet new friends, to be able to talk to their kids’ friend. You will literally open the doors of the world for them.

4) Explore the world

As a TEFL teacher you can go to anywhere in the world and teach English there. You can spend a year in Thailand, a year in Cambodia and a year in Chile. You will be able to pick and choose where in the world you will work, according to your preferences – Europe, Asia, The Middle East, South America, etc. 

5) Get to know the locals and their culture

There is no better way to really get to know local people and their culture than living and working with them. Students are eager to tell you about their lives, traditions, experiences, work and families. They will happily guide you through their city or village showing you the sites, the people and the landmarks. You’ll probably even get invited to parties, weddings and festivals. 

6) Learn to thrive in a different culture

Moving to a different country is a life-changing experience. You will gain a whole new perspective on life. Expats learn that there are different ways of thinking and more than one solution to any problem. 

7) Work flexible hours

In most teaching jobs you will be able to organize your time. Weekends are usually free, and you can negotiate how many hours you want to teach each week. And there will be longer breaks between the peak times giving you time to do your lesson preparation, enjoy a good meal and explore your new home! 

8) Find out if teaching English abroad is a career for you

With many people, what started as a half-year sabbatical turned into a long and successful career teaching English abroad. Other people taught for a year or two, got loads of experience, and returned home to different careers. Find out if you are a career teacher! 

9) Learn the essentials of a new language

 Teaching abroad is a great opportunity to study a language in the country you select. Your students will be more than happy to teach you the basics – after all, learning never stops, does it?

10) Have a break from your career and life at home

 Looking for a change? Teaching English abroad is the perfect option. You can gain your qualification in just four weeks and start work immediately afterwards. Contracts are usually signed for six, 10 or 12 months. You can choose the length of your break according to your needs and feelings.  

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